Don’t just think it – Execute!

Don't just think it - do it!
We all get great ideas from time to time or are determined to learn new skills and take courses, but how much do we gain from them and do we actually do anything with what we've learned or execute on that great idea?

Isn’t it great when an idea comes into your head and you think, “Yes, this will work” or ”I must do this” or “this will work well in my business”. You then maybe think more about the idea and get quite enthusiastic and fired up. Or, maybe you see an on-line course that covers topics that you are very keen to learn, new skills or techniques that you’ve always wanted to acquire. You’re convinced that this will solve some critical issues or address problems that you are having and make you much more efficient and take your business to the next level.

Now, fast forward a few weeks and what has happened? Chances are that you’ve given the idea more thought or started the course, but you’ve not actually implemented the idea and the course is good and you do intend to get back to it but, well, work became manic, and then you were away etc etc. Also, isn’t it maddening when you see someone create something or introduce a product or service and you think “I thought of that” months ago. Maybe, but did you do anything about it, did you execute?

Most people can relate to this. We think of an idea but don’t implement it, we start courses but don’t complete them. The figures for completion of on-line courses are staggeringly low, in the region of 15% or less and this is for courses that people have actually paid for. We all suffer from information overload but this doesn’t stop us from signing up for more.

However, it’s fairly obvious but needs saying, acquiring information or having ideas is worthless unless we actually execute on what we’ve learned or implement the idea to completion. Purchasing a book is a good first step, but you do need to actually read it to gain the knowledge it contains!

So, where are we going with this? Well, how about calling a halt to the acquisition of new books, courses and no new podcast or blog post subscriptions until you have taken stock of what you have already and really challenge yourself and ask yourself, am I using what I have? I’m not going to suggest that you then complete every course or read every book that you have purchased, rather, go through past episodes of podcasts or partially completed courses or books and evaluate them on the basis of relevance and more importantly, what outcome or transformation are you hoping for at the end? If the outcome is not clear and does not immediately resonate, then leave it, ditch it. Better to focus on what’s really important than complete something for the sake of it.

Bottom line – execution is key, but you can’t do everything, so focus on what’s going to produce the best outcome or transformation and make sure you complete it fully to gain maximum benefit.

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Don't just think it - do it!

Don’t just think it – Execute!

We all get great ideas from time to time or are determined to learn new skills and take courses, but how much do we gain from them and do we actually do anything with what we’ve learned or execute on that great idea?

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