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Coaching & Consultancy

Running a business can be lonely and stressful.  You know how your business inside out but there may be times when you could benefit from an outside view, someone to provide an objective viewpoint on an issue or to provide some specific expertise to help you to move forward. Often you have to make decisions, have conflicting demands on your time and could use someone to take an overview of your business, someone who understands your objectives and can act as a sounding board for your ideas, and offer advice if needed. That’s what we do.  And most importantly, we actually follow through and help you to implement what you need.

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Web Design & Social Media Management

Your website is your face to the world, so it’s important that it looks good and is up to date. If you want to maintain high rankings in search engines then it needs to a have a regular supply of fresh content. We offer a full design and support service along with SEO optimisation and regular update and maintenance options to help keep it performing for you. From simple brochure sites to highly transactional shops or booking systems our team can help. For more information and examples of our sites, click here.

Making effective use of social media requires a consistent approach, regular posts and fresh material. Most businesses have great intentions but struggle to keep up a consistent flow of quality posts. That’s where we can help. You can chose to use us as a one off to get things in place and train your team, or outsource the updates and content to us. We’ll also advise and help you to decide on the most appropriate channels for your business.

Customer Management (CRM)

Keeping track of your customers can be like riding a moving stairway which never seems to end, but knowing what’s happening with your customers is critical and can make the difference when it comes to keeping those hard won clients. Keeping track means not just how much and what they buy but who the key players are, when was the most recent interaction, with whom and what about.  But it just keeps on coming and as you grow it becomes ever more important to be able to have a system in place that fits in with your workflow and that of your team.  The whole team need to buy into it or it’s just not going to deliver on it’s potential.

That’s where we can help, as with the other business processes we can help identify a system that works for you and then help you to implement it. We can also help with training the team on not only how to use the CRM system but why they need to use it and it’s benefits.

On-line Training

Training can make a massive difference to your business, whether it’s internal training for staff or training your clients to get the most from your products and services.  Having it on-line, re-usable and available on demand saves time, money and can be much more effective.  Reduce the number of support calls by having “how to ” guides on your website, produce short videos to explain essential tasks or safety information to new recruits or visitors. There are many examples.  All we need is the basic information and we can produce on-line courses and guides – you can even have quizzes, certificates, student tracking and assessments. 

Our Other Services

We supplement our core offerings with services supplied by our associates. All of the people and businesses that we work with are well known to and trusted by us.  We guarantee their work so that there is no risk to you.


Finding and keeping good people can be tough. If you’re a small business you may not have to recruit that often but when you do you need a professional, someone who can help to find candidates and help you to select not just the one with the best credentials, but the best fit for your business and your team.

All businesses need to follow processes if they want to grow and flourish. These processes need to fit in with the way that the business, it’s employees and it’s customers work. Everyone in the company needs to understand why things are done in a certain way, and buy into it.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Having great systems is important, but if the team don’t use them or understand why they are there they won’t deliver on their promise. We help to get your team on board with the business systems and use them to their full potential.  And, we help to make sure that they all collaborate!

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