What our clients say...

What our clients say...

Below are comments from some of the great people we have had the pleasure to work with.
We would be happy to provide their contact details if you would like to confirm our credentials.

Gordon Brown

Jane has been fantastic to work with during a busy period setting up my new business. She is always friendly, super helpful and very efficient at carrying out delegated tasks. As an executive assistant, I could not recommend Jane highly enough.

Gordon Brown
Managing Director at SylvaCulture Ltd

Anna Stobart

Jane worked as my virtual assistant for over seven months during 2019.

I was initially looking for someone who was London-based but she was able to provide great support remotely preparing my monthly blog articles and putting it out on LinkedIn and Hafton’s twitter account. She also cleaned out the mailing list, and added new subscribers, put together a presentation and arranged meetings.

I am really happy to recommend her to anyone looking for great virtual assistant support.

Anna Stobart
International HR Consultant | Director | Head of HR | SME | INGO | Charities | Organisation Design | Change Management |

James van den Bergh

I’ve known Clive for many years; when I worked with him at Motorola and later when I used him as a consultant in the divestment of Motorola’s consumer two-way radio business.  Clive has an excellent technical knowledge and also developed a keen sense of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, having run his own business for more than 10 years.  But I think Clive’s biggest strength is his understanding of people and organizational behavior.  He worked with me to create the right structure and organization for the two-way radio business as a stand alone business; his input was well received and his guidance and coaching were very helpful.

CEO, Clarity Products, USA

Barry Parkin

We worked together 3+ years . Clive developed a team/culture which stimulated business & also allowed the company to enter the UK’s Sunday Times’ “100 Best Places to Work” list at 26th position. Developed good relationships internally (across multi-cultural, global corporation) & with customers. Very strategic, strong marketing skills/experience, gravitas, politically astute, delegates well.

Byre Projects Ltd , Business Consultant and former colleague

Ann Jones

I worked with Jane delivering a large business re-engineering and software implementation. Her tenacious can do attitude was exactly what was required to get the job done and her friendly hands on approach helped both our customers and colleagues alike.

Former colleague at Anritsu

Bob Schimmelman

Clive has outstanding man-management skills and very creative marketing and channel penetration strategies.   He understands how to provide that level of understanding and support when it is needed.

Sales Manager, Telecoms company

Pippa Rosen

I have been a customer of Clive’s for more than five years.
I have found that the quality of his service has been outstanding for my business, and is also of excellent value.

Owner, Beans & Herbs

Andrew Soper

Clive has a great ability to restore calm and logic to problematic and stressful situations to ensure a successful out come for all. I would be pleased to act as a reference for Clive to confirm his successes.

Business Development Manager (from LinkedIn)

Brian Johnson

Clive has provided us with outstanding support.  He is very good at assessing the situation and finding solutions to problems in a calm and measured way.

Business Manager, Wessex Carpets

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